This is the Fox in Foxel. You play as him and will be able to later edit his design for your own little fox character!

The first world you encounter in Foxel will introduce all the necessary mechanics of the game. Swimming, climbing and walking are the only means to navigate.

The second planet that players will visit! With oil being a major obstacle, players are now challenged to figure out a simple puzzle.

The Home planet in Foxel is in fact an asteroid in constant motion. The craters on the asteroid are teleporters to the planets you’ve visited. Based on places you find and discover the asteroid will change a little bit.

The Third level for Foxel. This jungle haven will have a resounding amount of animation in-game.

One of the more difficult levels will be the God Hand. This level will introduce the Companion system i plan on implementing in the game.


Foxel is a simple exploration puzzle game (concept). Utilizing the voxel art style players will be able to navigate this 3D world and uncover secrets about its universe.

Art, Animation and Design
Video Game