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SO last night after i made Protoman i decided to continue and make both Zero from Megaman X and Captain Falcon.

Zero was a bit tricky for the top of his helmet since i didn't want to make it feel too fat in the front. Captain falcon was a lot simpler to design and I had more fun making him due to all the falcon punch puns i was making in my head but overall i feel Protoman was my best design from last night. I nailed the shading on that a lot more. Although Captain Falcon is great as well!

I think it's complete now ^_^
I'll probably kick myself later when i notice further mistakes, but hey, it was good practice. I'll likely do more characters from the megaman series since they have some decent designs for head models alone.

So, i made a big fix on this now. I knew the scarf needed fixing since the beginning but i figured i'd leave it till the end at the very least. I went ahead and removed the piece I had and made it from scratch instead. Getting the knot tie in there felt perfect and really makes the model so much better. Last thing left is to finalize the shading work :)

Fixed the helmet shading and the front of the scarf (i think both of those are done). Next is the tail end of the scarf and i believe that'll be it for this.

Working on a model of Protoman. Using the classic design since i've previously done the classic megaman model (i like consistency). This is some pretty good practice for shading since his scarf is another notch up the difficulty chain. I'll need to shade his body and the scarf a bit more, buut i definitely don't want to use more colors.

Made a gorgeous deer for Critical Annihilation :)
The results really shocked me.
The process was focused around the head. Taking my own advice about starting with the smallest element, i decided to make the nose and work from there a chunk at a time. First making the head within a 12^3 block, then the chest (20^3), then the legs (16^3) and finally the body (30^3). Cutting it all down and making sure the pixel art feel to it wasn't overboard since Critical Annihilation increases draw calls if i add too much color.

Using a profile image of a deer helps a lot in figuring out the shading and overall shape. Don't eyeball so much, especially with animals since you can go from making a deer to creating a moose. (1 voxel is enough to throw you off, review constantly)

Since the programmer (Pat) loves to blow things up, i decided to make the insides of the model with guts using the Russian Doll function (guts out the inside and makes it a new model component).

This was fun and pretty informative, shows the improvements I've made in the past months :)

Here's a turnable gif of the Biplane that will go in Critical Annihilation. Took roughly 4 hours total to make with a cube count of 326,161. Only 1 more vehicle left and i think i'll be good to go!

Made a group of slimes. Not sure about the shading quite yet since i'd like to see how it looks in-game with the transparency set first. Will also be animating them.
I'll go ahead and use Unreal Engine 4 for testing. If i can setup the right environment to make concept scenes along with the right lighting i'll be really pleased.

I was recently contracted to make some assets for a roguelike dungeon crawler. The budget isn't large so i couldn't go too crazy on the amount of objects i can make but i managed to define a style that suits the character perfectly and is pretty new. I'm very pleased with the aesthetic and hope to refine the style more on other characters/objects. I still have a few more models to make, and some animations as well, so i'll be updating this project soon :)