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Parallax and voxels, would it work?

The sequence of photos above are to show the continual steps and changes that had to be made to make a parallax effect work using the voxel model i'm building (still not complete).

Originally i was going with 3 buildings like in the first image but it definitely didn't feel sufficient since it doesnt occupy enough virtual screenspace. By this (virtual screenspace) i mean the space not only onscreen but out of it. Parallax is important in the way that it gives you the impression the world has depth without there actually being any. It's a simple way to use images instead of full 3d scenes to tell the viewer "hey look! i'm actually behind this object!".

Once i knew that 3 buildings wasn't enough i added a fourth...then a fifth....and i'm still not done. What makes this project even more interesting is the fact that i'm building this 3D world but trying to throw it off as 2D...weird. While i could possibly just go full 3D i think the 2D parallax is an interesting take on the project. This allows me to build a full world but retain the focus of the game on the buildings in the "middle space".

In the final image you can get an idea of what i mean by "middle space". The world is devided and in the game the parallax effect will make it so the streetlights and street are faint and pass over your screen but the buildings will always be the focus (hoping you can visualize what i mean). There's lots i can do to make parallax even more interesting using 3d assets, hopefully i can show you more soon.