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Made a gorgeous deer for Critical Annihilation :)
The results really shocked me.
The process was focused around the head. Taking my own advice about starting with the smallest element, i decided to make the nose and work from there a chunk at a time. First making the head within a 12^3 block, then the chest (20^3), then the legs (16^3) and finally the body (30^3). Cutting it all down and making sure the pixel art feel to it wasn't overboard since Critical Annihilation increases draw calls if i add too much color.

Using a profile image of a deer helps a lot in figuring out the shading and overall shape. Don't eyeball so much, especially with animals since you can go from making a deer to creating a moose. (1 voxel is enough to throw you off, review constantly)

Since the programmer (Pat) loves to blow things up, i decided to make the insides of the model with guts using the Russian Doll function (guts out the inside and makes it a new model component).

This was fun and pretty informative, shows the improvements I've made in the past months :)